Mustang Mentoring Program



APPLY NOW TO BECOME A MUSTANG MENTOR NEXT YEAR! Click on  MMP application 2017-18 to view and print the application to become a Mustang Mentor for the 2016-2017 school year.  Applications are due in the Millard North High School Counseling Office no later than 3:30pm on Friday, April 8, 2016.  This is our third year that we are requiring you to submit a video as part of your application as you will see from the instructions in the app.  Be creative, be original, and have fun!

MMP exists at Millard North High School in Omaha, Nebraska, to 1) Help freshmen make a better transition into high school, and 2) Teach upperclassmen leadership skills for their leadership of the small groups of freshmen.

Each mentor pairs up and meets each week  with their own small group of freshmen to host activities and conversations centered on what it is that happy, healthy, successful students do.  Every freshman has an MMP mentor.

       Mentor future leaders

     bUild relationships

       Support & encourage

       Teach and learn

       Aspire to succeed


  be Great Role Models

       Seven habits