Appearance of Flappers


    The clothing of Flappers was very different than any other time period.  Their clothes were shorter and tighter. The skirts they wore were just below the knee. That was extremely short for them. Coco Chanel was a designer in the 1920’s. She started fashion trends for Flappers in America. Flappers wore short and tight clothing because it was more convenient to work and dance in. Flappers also started wearing high heels. Women also started wearing makeup. Before the Flappers makeup was only worn by movie stars but the Flappers wore it every day. It became a normal thing for Flappers. Before Flappers, women loved and took pride in their long hair, but the Flappers cut their hair short and it was known as a “bob.” This was also more convenient because women didn’t have to take care of their long hair all the time.  Flappers started to wear hats more with their clothing. All these changes made the Flappers who they were in the 1920’s. Most women used some of the ideas of the Flappers even if they didn’t want to be known as Flappers.