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Fishback, Danelle
                                                                                         Fisher, Cole
                                                                                         Flaxbea rd , John
                                                                                         Fleck, Brittany
                                                                                         Fleury,  Megan
                                                                                         Flynn, Brittney
                                                                                         Forehead, Sama ntha

                                                                                         Foste r, Laura
                                                                                         Fowler, Loga n
                                                                                         Fray,  David
                                                                                         Free man, David
                                                                                         Free man, LaShelle
                                                                                         Fry,  Matthew
                                                                                         Ga now, jonathan

                                                                                         Ga rdner, Alexa ndra
                                                                                         Ga nnatter, jaso n
                                                                                         Gatewood, Michell e
                                                                                         Gatso n, Mari ah
                                                                                         Ge is,  Reed-Ashley
                                                                                         Gerh old, Christine
                                                                                         Gidley,  Sa muel

                                                                                         Gilbert, Grant
                                                                                         Gil es,  Patricia
                                                                                         Gillaspie,  Casey
                                                                                         Gil sdorf, Sam
                                                                                         Gjesdahl , Kath erin e
                                                                                         Glass,  As h lee
                                                                                         Godw in , Andrew

                                                                                         Cold, Meredith
                                                                                         Grady,  jess ica
                                                                                         Grae ber, M ichael
                                                                                         Gray,  Eth an
                                                                                         Gree nwood, Grace
                                                                                         Gresham, Connor
                                                                                         Gross kurth, Rebecca

                                                                                         Grubb, Tyler
                                                                                         Gruber, Tim
                                                                                         Guderian, Paige


                                                                                         Gustafson, Isaac
   "Homecoming  night                                                                    Guthrie,  Emi ly
                                                                                         Handel, john
  was  the  first  time  I really  started
  to  enjoy  high  school.  I thought  it
  would  suck  to  have  the  Husker
  game  on  the  same  night,  but it ac-                                                Hatfield, Tyler

  tually  made  it  more  exciting.  My       ~                                          Hattin g,  W esley
  friends  and  I would  watch  a few         ()                                         Hayes,  Stephen
  plays  and  when  we started  losing,       ()           .
  we  made  up  for  it  by  hitting  the     0  -' ·  ·
  dance  floor.  I missed  a Missouri         ::J  __,...,.....-_
  touchdown  for  a Soulja  Boy  dance."  ::J

                                                                                                          Freshmen 179+-
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