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School Psychololgists Information


Welcome to the Millard Public School Psychology Department Website. School Psychologists help children succeed in school by collaborating with educators, parents and other professionals to create a supportive learning environment and strengthen connections between home and school. School psychologists are trained in both psychology and education with knowledge in mental health, child development, school organization, learning styles and processes, behavior, motivation and effective teaching.


Primary responsibilities of the school psychologist include consulting with teachers, parents and administrators to find effective solutions to learning and behavior problems and assessing cognitive, adaptive and social-emotional development in children. School psychologists also work directly with children and their families to help resolve problems in adjustment and learning.




Elizabeth Carey ecarey@mpsomaha.org

Millard West High School  715-6093

Beadle Middle School  715-6100

Harvey Oaks  715-1386


Eva Denton emdenton@mpsomaha.org

Millard South High School  715-8268

Reagan Elementary  715-7100

Aldrich Elementary  715-2020


Kim Denton ksdenton@mpsomaha.org

Norris Elementary   715-8340

Neihardt Elemlentary  715-8360


Shannon Fischer smfischer@mpsomaha.org

Ezra/Ezra BD Program   715-2955


Fleissner-Chadwick, Susan smchadwick@mpsomaha.org

Central Middle School   715-8225

Ackerman Elementary   715-8420


Karen Gordon kgordon@mpsomaha.org

Wheeler Elementary   715-6250

Morton Elementary   715-1290

Rockwell Elementary   715-8246


Chris Janovec cajanovec@mpsomaha.org

Disney Elementary   715-2350

Hitchcock Elementary   715-2255

Sandoz Elementary   715-8345

Reeder Elementary  715-6420


Claire Johnson cjohnson@mpsomaha.org

Cather Elementary   715-1315

Andersen Middle School   715-8945


Courtney Lohrenz calohrenz@mpsomaha.org

Millard South High School   715-8268

Abbott Elementary   715-2900


Korrinda Mendez kkmendez@mpsomaha.org

Sandoz Elementary  715-8345

Reeder Elementary   715-6420

Rohwer Elementary  715-6225


Karen Montgomery kmontgom@mpsomaha.org

Cody Elementary   715-1320

Millard North High School 715-1411


Lynne Newville lnewvill@mpsomaha.org

Millard Russell Middle School   715-8500

Cottonwood Elementary   715-1390

Millard Learning Center   715-8468


Mary Osterloh mosterlo@mpsomaha.org

Mentally Handicapped Programs

Upchurch Elementary  715-7150


Kelly O'Toole krotoole@mpsomaha.org

Millard North High School   715-1365

Millard Kiewit Middle School   715-1470


Kim Secora ksecora@mpsomaha.org

Black Elk Elementary   715-6200

Holling Heights Elementary  715-8330


Jerry Tieger jtieger@mpsomaha.org

Willowdale Elementary   715-8280

North Middle School   715-1280


Jean Tooher jmtooher@mpsomaha.org

Bryan Elementary    715-8325

Cody Pre-School   715-1320


Jessica Wells jawells@mpsomaha.org

Hitchcock Elementary  715-2255

West High School  715-6093


Lachelle Zuhlke lzuhlke@mpsomaha.org

Montclair and Montclair Montessori   715-1295

Central Middle School   715-8225



Psychological Services:

Supervisor - Kraig Lofquist 402-715-8300

Secretary 402-715-8337


Special Education Services:

Director - Charlene Snyder 402-715-8313


The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) has developed a series of handouts to provide parents and teachers easy access to basic information about children's academic, emotional, and social development. Handouts provide background information, suggest strategies, recommended next steps and provide additional resources.


National Association of School Psychologists Resource Center


Crisis and Safety


Health and Wellness

Home and School

Instruction and Curriculum

Mental Health


Special Populations

NASP Center- Information for Educators

Information for Principals

Information About School Psychology

Success in School/Skills for Life Toolkit

Assessment and Instruction


Crisis and Safety


Health and Wellness

Home and School

Instruction and Curriculum

Mental Health

Social/Emotional Development

Special Populations


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