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Millard South High School utilizes Naviance Family Connection to assist us and our students in managing the college and career planning process. Naviance Family Connection is a comprehensive website that students and parents can use as a tool in planning for their future.  Registration code information for students and parents can be obtained by contacting the Counseling Office.

Click here to access Family Connection Naviance

Here are some of the features to explore in Naviance:
College Visits
Sign-up and print your own pass to visit with the college admissions representatives who come to MSHS each year to inform and recruit our students.​  Visits are listed in Naviance's Family Connection in the College folder under "View all upcoming college visits". Students need to print their sign-up sheet to use as their pass to leave class. If you have any questions or issues with scheduling a time to meet with a representative, please see your counselor.

SuperMatch™ college search
SuperMatch lets you search for your best college match based on 23 criteria. Click on a search option, such as "Tuition and Fees," to enter your preferences.

College Lookup
This research tool provides comprehensive information on thousands of colleges. In addition to general and admissions information, further data is presented on academics, cost and financial aid, student body characteristics, extracurricular and athletic programs. A link to each college’s website is provided.

College Resources
This feature provides links to other useful websites relating to college information, financial aid, test preparation, NCAA eligibility, etc.

Other helpful college planning websites:

Education Quest - This is the best local website for college planning. EducationQuest covers all the bases, from how to write a resume, to how to figure out the financial aid process. They are the experts in financial aid, and all college bound students in Nebraska should check their web site... and go visit them at Rockbrook Village. Their help is free!

University of Nebraska Admission Standards - Here is a detailed explanation of what it takes to be admitted to UNO, UNL, and UNK. Included in this page are the core course equivalencies for every high school in Nebraska.

Colleges listed by State - Here you will find links to 1539 College and University web sites. Yes, every single college and university is just two clicks away! Apply online now and be admitted ASAP!

Colleges listed by Alphabet- The same list as above but listed in alphabetical order by the colleges' name.

Campus Tours.com - This site provides prospective students a visual tour of hundreds of college campuses. It is a great way to get a feel for the campus that might be too far away for a weekend drive. So check them out here before you fly!

CollegeWeekLive - the world’s largest and most successful college fair and it meets entirely online.  With hundreds of colleges exhibiting and hundreds of thousands of registrants, CollegeWeekLive revolutionizes college admissions, making the process easier and more cost-effective by bringing students, parents, counselors and colleges together online, overcoming cost and distance.  CollegeWeekLive is free for attendees.

Common Application - More than 600 colleges. Only one application.

NCAA Eligibility Center - New website for student-athletes who want to play in Division I and Division II schools. You can register online right here! (see the "Domestic Student Release Form" under "Prospective Student-Athletes").

NAIA Eligibility Guide - If you are a student athlete interested in a smaller college, check this out.

National Junior College Athletic Association - interested in playing a sport at a junior college...check this website out

College Rankings - This site from U.S.News ranks the colleges, see where yours is ranked.

Kiplinger's - 100 best college values combining great academics and affordable tuitions

Forbes - ranks 650 schools and you can sort by region of the country

Schools in the USA - You can search schools by majors, help with choosing a career and much more.

My Majors.com - Don't know what you want to major in? This site can provide advice on college and university majors that a high school senior or college freshman with your interests and achievements might do well in.

OfftoCollege.com - This website offers college search info, planning, financial aid info and much more.

College Answer Guy – consists of weekly columns on various college preparation topics

College Search Websites:
The Princeton Review.com - A superb college search site that allows you to set the parameters (your interests, majors, public or private school, size, etc.) and then gives you a list of schools that fit your profile.

College Board - Among other search and compare options, this side has a great side by side comparison.

CollegeNET - Here is a site that claims to find you the right college and then gives you an online application so you can apply instantly. Also has a free scholarship search program

MyCollegeGuide  - Another comprehensive web site for the college bound student. Rankings, searches, tips on admission essays, early admission advice...you can find it all here.

CollegeXpress - This site has a great college search program and overall it is a very comprehensive site for college bound students.

AnyCollege.com - This is a college search site that is simple and user friendly.

My College Options - a free college search site that matches your interests with colleges that fit those interests.