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Study Skills Self Help - Perhaps the best study skills help on the web! Addresses time management, concentration methods, using acronyms, notetaking and much more. Check it out! (from Virginia Tech)

Study Skills - Covers test taking strategies, effective listening & notetaking, and how to get more out of studying. (St John's in MN)

College Prep 101 - Among lots of other topics of interest to the college bound and college student this site covers stress management, study skills and time management. (Oklahoma State)

Success in Mathematics 
(St Louis University)  

Paradigm Writing Assistant (Boise State) - This is an unbelievable tutorial on writing essays. Takes you through the whole process step-by-step. If you need help with writing anything, take a look at this wonderful website.
Education Index - This site provides an index of academic subject area websites..

(Awesome Site!)

Seven Strategies for Improving Test Performance (Virgina Tech) - very useful "study skills" and in particular as testing approaches-some test taking skills

Math Matters@Iowa - this site offers quizzes, tutorials, and sample University of Iowa final exams to help students gauge how close they are to mastering the appropriate topics in math