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Willowcast #26
Posted April 25, 2007

Mrs. Huryta's class has studied the ear and how we hear sounds. They share that information with you and also many interesting facts about sounds we hear. Play along with Spencer and Maddy in the What's that Sound? segment! Join hosts Taylor and Will as they help us all Explore the World of Sound!

  • How Sounds are Made by Braxdan and Tanner
  • Jokes and Riddles by Zach, Josh, Matthew
  • Poetry Corner by Samantha
  • Did You Know? by Mitch, Mariah, Brad
  • Vocabulary Theater by Michael, Joe, Jared
  • Wonderful Website by Megan and Olivia
  • What's That Sound? by Maddy and Spencer

Explore the World of Sound


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The cool sounds heard on our podcast are from Garageband!